25 of the BEST Easter Desserts

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We gathered up 25 of the BEST Easter Desserts & you will absolutely love them! Adorable and Easy ideas that the entire family will love.

Easter Desserts Feature

25 of the BEST Easter Desserts

Easy Lamb Cake from Kraft Foods…

Such a cute and easy cake for Spring that the kids will love. Decorated with large marshmallows, icing and a jelly bean.

Easy Lamb Cake

Graham Cracker Peep Houses from Yesterfood

These Peeps Houses are almost too cute to eat. Whether you eat them or not, they’re fun to make.

Graham Cracker Peeps Houses

Easter No-Bake Mini Cheesecake from Sugar Hero

Looking for an easy Easter dessert? These Easter No-Bake Mini Cheesecakes are perfect! They’re cute pastel striped cheesecakes that are simple to make, no baking required!

Easter No-Bake Mini Cheesecakes

Easter Bunny Twinkie Race Cars via Pinterest….

Cut out a section from a Twinke, add a Peep, white chocolate covered pretzel and mini Golden OREOS for wheels to make this adorable Bunny Race Car.

Easter Bunny Peeps & Twinkie Race Cars

Jello Easter Eggs from Better Yum

Poor Jello in Egg molds to make these fun Jello Eggs topped with whipped cream.

Jello Easter Eggs

Nutter Butter Chick Cookies from Sweet Simple Stuff

Nutter Butter cookies dipped in chocolate and decorated with M&M’s and candies.

Nutter Butter Chick Cookies for Easter!

Bunny Tree Stump Cake from Tracey Lau

A layered cake made to look like a tree stump with a little bunny butt popping out of the bottom. So incredibly cute!

Easter Bunny Tree Stump Cake

Easter Bunny OREOS from Party Pinching….

Make somebunny happy with these adorable Easter Bunny Oreo Cookies. So easy to make, they are almost too cute to eat! Almost.

Easter Bunny Oreo Cookies

Spring Butterfly Cupcakes from Thrifty Jinxy

These pretty Spring Butterfly Cupcakes are fun and easy to make starting with a boxed cake mix, white chocolate covered pretzels and M&Ms. They’re perfect to include in your Easter desserts!

Spring Butterfly Cupcakes

Baby Bird Nest Cake from Vanilla Bean Baker (site no longer exists)…

Cut a hole out of the top of a cake. Frost then add strips of frosting to look like sticks. Fill the hole with chocolate Robin Eggs.

Baby Bird Nest Cake for Easter

Spring Cake in a Jar from Two Sisters Crafting

Springtime Cupcake in a Jar is a unique and colorful take on a traditional cupcake – layers of blue, purple, yellow and pink cake and creamy buttercream frosting combine into one delicious Easter dessert!

Spring Cake in a Jar

Bunny Sandwich Cookies from Betty Crocker

Cute and colorful, these bunny sandwich cookies are as adorable from the back as they are from the front!

Colorful Bunny Sandwich Cookies for Easter!

Rice Krispies Treats Baby Bird Nests

Rice Krispie Treats turned into Nests with Robin Eggs decorated like baby birds.

Rice Krispie Treat Baby Bird Nests

Carrot Patch Cake from The Partiologist

If you need a dessert to wow your guests, this Carrot Patch Cake is it! 

Carrot Patch Cake

Easter Peeps Cake from Youtube

Add bunny Peeps around a frosted cake and top with colored coconut and Easter M&M’s for this adorable cake.

Easter Peeps Cake

Peeps Pudding Cups from Party Pinching

Everybunny will love creating my Peep Pudding Cups!

Easter Bunny Peeps Pudding Cups

Easy Chick Cupcakes from Bird on a Cake

Frosted cupcakes covered in yellow sanding sugar and decorated with icing.

Easy Chick Cupcakes for Easter

Skateboard Peep Bunny Cookies from Sweet Simple Stuff

Such a fun idea to make for your little skateboarders.

Skateboarding Peeps Bunny Cookies

Cadbury Egg Bars

These cookie bars are decadent and perfect for an Easter get together or celebration. Including some of your favorite Easter candies makes these bars absolutely amazing.

Chocolate Chip Cadbury Egg Bars

Peeps Bunny Brownie Patch

Peeps Brownie Bunny Patch for Easter from KitchenFunWithMy3Sons.com

Bunny Butt Cake from Betty Crocker

Bunny Butt Cake for Easter!

Layered Peeps Rice Krispie Treats from Yellow Bliss Road

Rice Krispie Treats with a twist – they’re made with marshmallow Peeps and layered for a beautiful, colorful Easter treat! Make these Layered Peeps Treats for all of your spring gatherings!

Layered Peeps Rice Krispie Treats

Spring Garden Carrot Cupcakes from Wilton

Create a fun surprise this Easter by piping carrots in delicious chocolate cupcakes.

Garden Carrot Cupcakes for Spring / Easter...so cute!

Easy Twizzler Flower Cake from Handmade Charlotte

Twizzlers cut into slices and pressed on the side of a frosted cake makes this lovely cake.

Easy Twizzler Flower Spring Cake

Easter Mason Jar Treats via Pinterest…

Add green paper grass, M&M’s and chocolate bunnies to mason jars for these adorable Easter gifts.


Easter Peeps Patch Cake from Betty Crocker

This Easter Garden Cake using Peeps is a showstopper Easter cake idea you can put together with just 20 minutes of prep time. 

Easter Peeps Garden Cake

We hope that you love these fun Easter Desserts!

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9 comments on “25 of the BEST Easter Desserts”

  1. thanks, Jill for such a great site. I love your illustrations and recipes. So easy to navigate and make.

  2. Abigail Wenderson

    Wow, these ideas are amazing. I never get tired of baking so adding these to my favorites.

  3. These are some of the neetest easter reciepts I have ever seen gonna have to try alot of them thanks..

  4. Valerie Daris

    I have looked at your website a few times , and everything looks wonderful . I haven’t been quite up to participate lately , so I haven’t tried to make anything yet, but am so anxious to get started . Thank you , Valerie Daris

  5. Terri Annibale

    Theses r great treats love the easter peep cake. The bunny stump cake and the twinkies and chick houses.

  6. Terri Annibale

    These treats are awesome. I love them all. The easter peep cake I would make . Bunny tree stump is the best. The twinkies and chick houses too. Great fun treats.

  7. the Partiologist

    You have truly found some super fun Easter ideas, thank you so much for featuring my carrot patch cake!

  8. Sheila Harris

    I am little oking for a replacement for coconut when decorating cakes. My granddaughter is allergic to peanuts and tree nuts. Any ideas?

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